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The Most Exclusive Houses and Properties For Sale In Port Douglas

beach villas in port douglas

Whether you have apartments or land for sale in Port Douglas, you’ve come to the right place. With 30+ years of experience in selling Sheraton Mirage Villas there is no agency better experienced or equipped to get you the best result.

The first thing to understand when offering one of these homes for sale in Port Douglas is who your buyer is likely to be. You need to find someone who is looking for 'lifestyle' properties; a property where they want a quality residence in the north that they can use when it suits them and not be concerned with having little to no return on their investment.

As many as 95% of all buyers looking considering beach villas are seeking a property that shows a good financial return - the villas are simply not for them. It is dealing with the 5% of buyers seeking these properties that is critically important. These buyers typically know what they want and are in no rush, being happy to wait for the right property that suits them. Being able to demonstrate to these people what the Mirage Villas offers is the key... this is what we do best.

The advantages of beach villas

The biggest obstacle for most buyers is the amount of the body corporate fees (holding costs). This is normally the first question when people are examining luxury homes for sale and the most important to address properly. Like you as an owner we understand why they are the price they are. When you break it down into individual costs such as gardening, insurance, security, pool cleaning and chemicals, maintenance, painting etc it is actually very good value for money. If you were to compare comparable costs of living in a home that was in a beachfront position and surrounded by such incredible gardens if would exceed the costs here - the difference is that no-one really quantifies these costs when offering these properties for sale.

The benefits here is that when you do make use of your property you can totally relax and unwind due to everything having been taken care of, you know that the gardens are going to be perfect, the pool clean and the buildings in good repair.

Discover why many people are offering their homes for sale through The Pink Company

Our company has carried out and completed all the highest sales within the resort for each of the variants of the Mirage Villas being two, three and four bedroom villas. We have completed the highest volume of sales since they were first constructed and especially over the tougher G.F.C. years from 2009-2013 when we saw 'lifestyle' properties being off-loaded along with the boats and other luxury items. In those years, selling beach villas was never tougher, but battling a high Aussie dollar and downturn in tourism we completed 12 property sales at solid pricing out of the 15 total sales - these other sales being reduced dramatically for clearance prices as the agents simply didn't understand the properties and how to sell them.

If you have apartments, houses or other kind of property for sale in Port Douglas, we have you covered. When it comes to both buying and selling Mirage Villa properties it is extremely important to speak to a specialist so you get the right advice. Please do not hesitate to contact Callum Jones directly on +61 437 981 195 or