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Another Impressed Client.

Blair & Laura Ziesler , 25 Jan 2018

We feel lucky that on the day we approached The Pink Company Real Estate Port Douglas to view a property they had listed it was David who was able to help. Who knows if we would be almost 6 months into a life changing 4000km move if it wasn’t for David.

We sometimes felt we were asking too much of David especially as we were negotiating the purchase from afar with so many questions about the property but David certainly went above and beyond by checking everything at the property which meant numerous trips back and forth but it was never any trouble and although he was working for the vendor as you’d expect, we really felt he was working extremely hard for us too. 

I always felt David was completely honest unbelievably patient and he always answered our many many calls and emails or at worst got back in touch within a very short period.

And the help has continued well beyond completion of the sale and we feel we can still contact David for local advice and have made a friend beyond just the real estate dealings.

Blair & Laura